Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to make a white board

Picture frame (With glass)
Printer paper
Dry erase marker
Optional: Velcro

Step 1: Take Every thing out of the picture frame you are using. EXCEPT for the glass.

Step 2: Start placing desired amount of printer paper into, frame. Suggested 3 layers or more.

Step 3: Place the backpiece in the frame. (The part that you can prop your frame, or hang it with.)

Step 4: Hook the hooks onto the frame.

Step 5: Write.

Step 6: (Not required) Take the rough part of velcro and stick it to one part of the picture frame. Take the softer part of velcro and put it on the dry erase marker. Then when you are not using the pen, velcro it onto the frame.

Keep it Nurby. ~RK

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