Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Chapter Writing: #1

  "But where are you going?"
  "I don't know."
  "Where will you live?"
  "I don't know."
  "What DO you know?"
  "I love you. Take care of everyone. America is our last hope. Wish me luck, Eva. Goodbye," He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a hug. Eva was too shocked to say anything.
  "Goodbye," Eva said, her voice cracking. She watched her brother walk away from her, head high, shoulders back. He is so brave. She thought. Eva had grown up with her brother. She had always looked up to him, looked to him for advice. And now he was gone, and never coming back. 
  He disappeared into the sea of bodies. Is this the last time I will ever see him?She watched him board the boat, and it began the set sail. She saw him leaning over the railing, waving to her. 
  She shook her head and turned away, failing to see her brother waving to her out of distress, signaling to help her. A man grabbed him and they disappeared.

   Evelyn McWheedon sat on her stoop. She was waiting. Not waiting for rain, or to see her father's carriage pull up, or even for the mail. She was waiting for a pigeon. She was sitting in agonizing anticipation for her pigeon, Adéle, to show up. Six weeks ago, Evelyn had sent her to France to carry a note to her friend, Amélie. Evelyin peered into the red and purple sky, thinking of all the terrible things that could have happened, when she saw a white speck in the distance. She craned her neck to see what it was as it flew erratically over her house, and it doubled back and landed, haphazardly, next to Evelyn. It was carrying a package. What in the world?... Evelyn thought as she untied the package. Adéle flew off to her perch in the chestnut tree. 
  What Evelyn unwrapped was amazing. Terrifying, but amazing none the less. Evelyn reached gingerly in and held up a brass ring, inset with a scarlet gem the size of her knuckle. When Evelyn held it up the light, she saw a flash of green in the gem. She could feel its power surging through her fingers.
  She saw another flash of green and a twig snapped behind her. She gasped and turned around. 
  "I wondered when you would see me," A woman was standing behind her.
  "I am... Someone. Names don't matter right now." 
  "But, how--"
  "That ring you're holding? Yes, that is one of the most powerful artifacts on earth, and if you let it out of your sight, you will be guilty of putting existence in danger. Do you understand?" She didn't wait for Evelyn to answer before continuing. "Either you give it to me our you hold the biggest responsibility that has ever existed."
  Evelyn stood, and looked at the ring. 
  "Good," the woman said. "Now hand it to me."
  Evelyn put the ring in her pocket and stepped backwards a few steps. "Adéle!" She called, and a white streak shot out of the tree and hovered over her. Evelyn turned and ran. She had no idea why, but she knew that this woman was bad news.

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