Friday, August 12, 2011

Third Day Of School *UPDATE*

It was so much fun! The day went really fast, and I actually ORGANIZED my binder! Now it closes right! Woohoo! It went really fast, and Mrs Olinger is HILARIOUS! She told us stories about spiders and stuff. She is a natural story teller! Haha! I think changing classes makes the day go faster! We played a math game in math that wasn't too math-y. I walked in and saw the board numbered with dots in the middle of each line, and I was thinking, "Oh gosh. We are doing multiplication! Oh no!" But ti was just a setup for the game. :) If you haven't started changing classes yet, you will like it. If you have a good binder and all your supplies, you will do fine. No need to be nervous! Questions about changing classes? Suggestions for me? (Boy, do I need them!) Email! Thanks!

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