Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just because I like CB's stop motion piano and I am a big copy cat, I made one for guitar! It also has lyrics!

Fried chicken is so sweet!
Something that I like to eat!
Oh that succulent meat!
It will never ever cheat!
Because I'm comin' up with lyrics that is so cool, you made yourself look like a fool!
Maybe even a mule..
So I pushed that mule into the pool.
When he got out he started to drool,
'cause the fried chicken smelled so good.
Just like that cedar wood.
Ohh, he was in the hood.
That chicken was marinating in the curd,
cause when he was alive he was nerd,
and RK is a nurb
Keep it nurby! YEAH!

Curd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curd

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  1. Haha! LOVE it! I'd like t see another one! Maybe I'll write one about tofu... ;)


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