Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Girl, The Ghost, and The Train Ticket *UPDATED!*

A girl is having a normal day, and suddenly, a ghost train appears! What happens next, nobody expected!

Special thanks to Princess Anime from the Blog Frog for playing Esme in this video. Thanks!

With Princess Anime playing Esme, and me, CB, playing Genevieve, our film-day together couldn't have been more fun! I hope you get together with you again, soon, Princess Anime!!!

(Thank you to my parents, LB and GB for camera work, and to GB for playing the Train Conductor.)

(You may have watched this video before December 24, 2011. I have added a couple things. Over all, it is the same. The video itself is now called "The Girl, The Ghost, and The Train Ticket: Revisited")

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