Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motion Induced Blindness

This is a video one of my friends showed me. It is so cool! It is on YouTube by ATIseminars, not by us. We are in no way taking credit for this video and are in no was affiliated with ATIsemiars or any of their videos. For more videos like this, visit their YouTube page at for the video, or watch it below. Please share this link and video with your friends and family!

Isn't it cool? Follow the directions at the beginning. Every once in a while, I would look at the yellow dots to see if what you thought happened really happens, and it DOES! Cool! Also, you will NOT actually go blind! :D

Have fun, but i warn you: You will watch it ALL       THE       TIME. ;)


Again, The Art Drawer's authors take no credit for this video. We are in no way affiliated with ATIseminars or any of their videos. Thank you for watching, and please subscribe to ATIseminars.

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