Monday, August 8, 2011

Nurb? Whats an nurb?

You may notice I like to reference myself- (so do my friends and family) -as a 'Nurb'. Yes 'Nurb' is one of my nick names, that my brother and I came up with, because of my personality..

Lets do some math here to figure this "Nurb" thing out...

Noob+Nerd= Nurb

Okay, Now you are just annoyed..

You: a 'U'? SERIOUSLY!?
Me: Okay the lets do some geometry!
You: O____________O

O. Lop of O's head and O becomes U.. Take the middle of your e out and put it on the bottom. Flip the new 'e' upwards and your e is now a u.

Keep it Nurby.~RK

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