Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogs to Read!

Some great blogs to read:

The Quibbler (An Almost Diary of Luna Lovegood) by Connor B
A funny log of the fictional character Luna Lovegood (The author in no way takes credit for any of the Harry Potter characters, books, or movies.  Harry Potter characters © Warner Bros Pro. and JK Rowling. This blog is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros Pro. or JK Rowling)

Words of Birds by Molly J and Connor B
The adventure of two birds that somehow become best friends.

Q and A by Eva R
The random arts of a creative person

The Adventures of Sam the Raccoon by Jamie Well
The adventures of the fun-loving raccoon that is longing for a place to be

Recipes Around You  by Celina E
The instructional site that offers fresh recipes for YOU! (The author in no way takes credit of the recipes posted on this site)

My (Kinda) Diary by Molly J
The hilarious log of a hilarious girl

Thoughtdrops by Celina E
The blog about nature and her quirky thoughts

The Miscellaneous Drawer by Connor B
The blog about, well, everything

Enjoy these witty reads!

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