Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rain and Thunder (Artistic Video)

Rain and Thunder is Our Plunder
Time Duration: 1:01 minutes
Music: Rain and thunder is Our Plunder Soundtrack (Garageband Music by CB. Rights Protected.)

This is a video. An actual video that really complements my vision. It worked out just as I had hoped it would, which is unusual for my videos. This is the first one I am really happy with (though I quite enjoyed my editing technique on my One Man Show). I hope you enjoy.

I had this vision of a rainy day, and music, and all of the artistic perspectives, so I composed some music on Garageband. I mapped out these points in the music where it didn't fit right, and I marked it, calling it a "Crow." I divided each Crow Section and wrote in a shot sequence for each shot on a Legal Pad (Legal Pads are very good for video notebooks). I then either found the shots in iPhoto (our photo-holding application on our Mac), or went out and shot them right then and there. This video is the final outcome of my artistic vision, and I do hope you enjoyed. Please give me feedback, whether good, or bad. I am currently studying videography, and I would like to know what I could do better.

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