Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been sick for six days now. I have missed school for all but one of them. I got checked out in mid-morning. I felt TERRIBLE.

Sore throat, achy limbs, back hurts, stuffy nose, head aches. SO mom took me to the doctor. They swabbed my throat to get a throat culture to grow at the lab later. I gagged really bad when they did it, (and I am gagging now just thinking about it!) and mom laughed at me. She actually LAUGHED at me!!! >;(P They gave me some antibiotics medicine. I took it, and an hour later, I am kneeling over the toilet spewing out water since I haven't eaten anything. Ew. An hour later I am back in front of the toilet and it is grosser and i will not share with you why. Mom calls Health First to find out what is wrong with me. Mom feels my stomach and at the lower right bit of it, it is fine. Then the parents do it again in a few minutes and it DOES hurt really bad! The lady on the phone says I might have an appendicitis. That is where the end of your intestine gets really inflamed and can burst. The parents feel my stomach again and it is fine!!! If I HAD had an appendicitis, they would have had to rush me to the ER and they would have had to do an emergency something-ectomy removal. OH NO! BUT... I didn't have an appendicitis so none of that would have to be done! Yay! I vomit one more time and sleep on the couch. Then I am still sick but I and feeling much better. Then, I go to sleep with a SUPER stuffy nose, but I refuse to take medicine because I am almost completely off medicine for that antibiotics medicine (save for a nighttime melty strip... ;D). I woke up and it is today! I feel so much better than the other days, but I am still feeling bad. My sore throat is good enough to talk now, and my fever keeps breaking every hour. In the last two days, I lost 8 pounds. EIGHT POUNDS!!!!!!! IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!! D:

I haven't eaten much for six days.

Also, I had to miss my play!!! I am the LEAD! It was supposed to be on Wednesday, but Miss Pam was SUPER nice and postponed it for another week. I still don't know if I am gonna make it, though... :(

Wish me well!!!

Random + Writing + A LOT Of Coughing,


  1. Poor CB!! When I was 8, something like this happened to me to! One day we went on a field trip, and I vomited in their plants. One of the moms took me to the bathroom to wash up. Later we had lunch but I was feeling queezy. I ate a little of my lunch to see if thats why my tummy hurt.... HOW DUMB OF ME! Later I barfed on the bus on the way back to school. I looked super pale. My friend took me to the nurses office, and I went home. I almost barfed in the car... Then I got home and barfed in the toilet. I lied down on a little mattress, thingy and dad put a cover over me. I was barfing for 5 days straight.. Obviously not all at once but like every five minutes. I was barfing up nothing but water gingerale and stomache acid.It hurt.. Finally dad took me to the hospital and they gave me an IV. IT WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE IV EVER PAID IN HISTORY OF IV PAYMENTS! 2,000 SMACKEROONIES!! I had lost a LOT of weight....

  2. Yeah! I was four and that happened to me, too! I didn't get an IV, but I think the nurse said, "Yeah! That has been happening. :( She'll get better!" I did, but the vomit wasn't fun... WHY DO OUR STOMACHS HAVE TO VEX US SO?

    CB (It might not say that on the thingy, but it IS me)


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