Friday, September 2, 2011


If you aren't emailing me because you are worrying for my safety, it isn't my primary email! PLEASE, JUST ONE EMAIL! I don't care if it is hatemail! Just make it an email with words. Or no words! WHAT EVER YOU CAN DO. Just humor this old dog, huh? Throw me a bone! (Preferably soy. If you don't know what that means, I reckon you otta mosey on down to that there Tofu Song post and click that newfangled triangle which some say means play.) Thanks!

(If you are worried to click it because it sounds dirty, here is the story: I was sick to my stomach, so I sat in the front seat. Mom was in the back, and she was leaving a message on her friend's phone right as we were going over a speed bump, and it tossed her all around, so she said, "It's bumpy back here!" and that ended up on a message to her friend. Haha!)

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