Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Banana Plush *UPDATE*

Mine turned out kinds strange... I would like to add that on the last step of making the cream banana part, you need to sew closed the bottom. The author forgot to add that. Also, you don't need to have cotton in the bottom of the peal.

Anyway, ti turned our really cute! I didn't do the face, but it is still pretty cool. I was searching online, seeing where I could buy a plush banana, cause I'm just that awesome, and then I found these directions! I just love that website it is on. Really helpful for arts and crafts. Once again, the site is Have fun crafting!!!


Random + Writing,


  1. I don't have enough hair LOL

    Anyways CB!!! Make a post about how to blog!

  2. Did you mean to post that on the French Braid Your Hair Post (here:, because this is making a plush banana... Lol!

    And of course I will make a how to blog post. I just need to think about it during my next few posts.


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