Thursday, December 8, 2011

French Braid Your Hair

Well,as you probably know, it is pretty hard to do on yourself, but not impossible, because I just did it while my hair was wet. I tried to a couple days ago, and my hair was dry, and it was IMPOSSIBLE. But, since my hair was wet, the strands didn't get tangled with the loose hair.

Here is how you do it.

**NOTE: If you are a lefty, you will do this the opposite of the directions (left or right). Because I am a righty, I will do this the right-handed way.


  • Long, wet hair
  • A hair band (either size depending on how much hair you are dealing with.

  1. Brush your hair so that you are sure there are no tangles.
  2. (Sort of) OPTIONAL: If dealing with short bangs, just brush straight back. If this is not the way you wish to appear, just separate the bangs, an brush straight back BEHIND them.
  3. Run your thumbs along the upper corners of your head, gathering hair all the way until your thumbs meet. Brush away any hair that got collected from UNDER your thumbs. This is considered loose hair.
  4. Separate the hair you are holding into three even strands.
  5. Braid, but stop before it stars to become its own braid and come off the head.
  6. Take a strand of hair from about two inches under the first place you got hair from. (Gather all the hair within two inches)
  7. Bring the hair you are holding and put it in the same strand as the strand you are about to cross over to the middle, as you would in a regular braid.
  8. Now do the same thing as steps 6 and 7, except from the left side.
  9. Continue this until you have gathered almost all of the hair. If there is hair hanging in the exact middle of the nape of the neck, you don't have to divide it in two. Just gather all of that and add it to the other strand. 
  10. If you would like, continue braiding (a regular braid) all the way down until you run out of hair. If you don't want to do that, just tie it off with your hair band wherever you want!
Knowing how to French Braid is an important skill in creative hairstyling. You should practice on yourself and your friends and family! Because, as you already know, perfect practice makes best!

If you need any clarifications, I DON'T CARE! GO HANDLE IT YOURSELF!! Haha! Just kidding! If you need any clarifications, just drop me a comment below. Don't email me, because others might have the same question, and I bet they would like to get the answer at the same time. :)

Good luck!

Random + Writing + HAIR,

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