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How to Make Asparagus Out of Felt - by

I had glanced at this to see a pattern and a few pointers, and I did the rest on my own. This is different than I had done it, but I believe this seamstress to have a bit more experience, especially since she has a blog all about making fake food (and those radishes at the top look really good!!)

Here si the link to the page with the asparagus:

Here is the tutorial by

I heart fake food: Felt Asparagus

This pattern can be completed without using a sewing machine.

Supplies needed:
Dark Green Felt
Dark Green Thread
Optional: Red Ribbon or Thread

Using this pattern, which can also be found here.

Cut out all the pieces of your asparagus.

Fold the body of the asparagus in half, length-wise, overlapping the sides about a 1/4 of an inch. Hand sew it closed, running the length of the asparagus.

Continue to sew the length of the asparagus closed.

Stop sewing when you get about a 1/2 inch from the top of the asparagus.

Remove your needle and thread from the top of your asparagus and sew the bottom of the asparagus closed.

Fill the body of the asparagus with fiberfill. Do not fill past the 1/2 inch unsewn opening on the top.

Cut the top of the asparagus, the 1/2 inch you left open, giving the top the appearance of having a layer of leaves.

Taking one section of the top leaves...

Roll it up.

Do a few stitches at the bottom of the rolled up leaves. This will help maintain the shape you just created by rolling the leaves.

Add the next layer of leaves. Begin to roll the other layer, arranging it so this layer of leaves is slightly lower than the first layer of leaves.

Again, add a few stitches so that both layers of leaves are now sewn together.

Insert the 2 layers of leaves, you just sewed together, into the top of the asparagus.

Sew the top of the asparagus closed. Start sewing, at the base of the leaves you cut from the body of the asparagus, making sure you are also going through the additional layers, attaching them as well.

Set the individual leaves on the body of your asparagus to determine placement.

You can either sew the leaves onto the body of the asparagus or you can glue them on. I attached mine by sewing.

And there you have it...

Asparagus is purchased in a bundle so you might want to make a few more. I like to bundle mine together with red ribbon.

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  1. As I'm in the process of making an assortment of faux 'felt' food for my Grand daughter, I devised another method of making Asparagus. Instructions: a)To determine the size and length of stalk tightly rolled up a piece of felt B)Using the amount as a guideline, create a pattern to include the crown/points placing them on a slight diagnol. c) Cut fabric ... and roll dotting with 'fabric glue' as you go with the exception of the top/last layer where it will only be applied to the selvedge/seam. Let dry. d) To create the leaves; choose placement and snip notches (in other words an upside down V) ensuring you are taking up only one layer of fabric. e) Fan out the leaves. You are done!
    Though I have sewn for many years, hopefully these instructions will assist those who do not.
    Footnote: There is no need for a filler as the rolled fabric is more than sufficent to create the stalk.


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