Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sew a Strawberry Out of Felt


  • Three small red felt triangles
  • A green star-like shape, sort of like a sea-star with thin legs
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Stuffing
**Note: Do not cinch it at the top until it says, even though it might seem strange.
  1. Place two of the triangles on top of each other and sew starting from the point. End at the corner of the bottom and tie off.
  2. Place the corner of the bottom of the third triangle on the needle and sew one side of the third triangle to the triangle closest to the corner you started at.
  3. Sew a little bit of the side that is loose, and turn it inside out.
  4. Stuf it really hard. The stuffing might spill out the top, but that is okay. Just be sure that the strawberry can fit the stuffing.
  5. Rethread the needle (or just make a new knot) and begin (at the flat part where the opening is) so that the knot is on the INSIDE of the berry. Cinch it closed, really tight, and it will look about the shape of a strawberry. Tie off once you have made a surgical knot (instead of going through the loop once, you go through twice).
  6. Make a new knot and string it through the middle of the green star. Place it on the strawberry so that the knot is not seen. Sew it to the berry, using only the center of the star.
  7. Make any minor adjustments.

Strawberry! (the Art Drawer does not own this picture) Results
of these instructions may vary from the picture shown above.

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