Friday, December 9, 2011

Sew an Eggplant Out of Felt

I am allergic to eggplant, but a felt one can't hurt!


  • Dark purple kidney bean-shaped felt
  • Light green/dark green felt
  • Scissors
  1. Starting at the top (the skinny part), sew one side of two of the ovals together, ending at the bottom (the fat part).
  2. Sew the third oval to one side of the eggplant, this time starting at the bottom. Sew up to the top (where you started sewing at the beginning.
  3. Sew a little bit on the side that is unattached to the other sides. Flip the entire thing inside-out, so the seams are pretty much hidden.
  4. Stuff a little, then sew some more. Stuff, sew, stuff, sew. Continue this until it is full of stuffing. Then close the opening.
  1. Cut three small green shapes, kind of looking like Justin Bieber's hair. (lol) Place them on the top part of the eggplant (the skinny part). Sew them on. If any parts need any extra securing, go ahead and sew them on. If you want, you can just sew all the edges on. Whichever you think looks best!
If you want you, you can add a stem make of rolled-up green felt and just sew it onto the middle of the green part.

Make any finishing touches, and voila! Perfecto!

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